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300,000 تومان3,180,000 تومان

  • وزن هر گالن 25 کیلوگرم
  • وزن هر بشکه 265 کیلوگرم


product summary

  • Processed from ripe plums
  • Contains no artificial ingredients or fillers
  • This product complies with the Federal Juice HACCP Regulation 21 CFR Part 120
  • This product contains lead and possibly other chemicals regulated by the California Proposition 65
  • This product complies with the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act (7 U.S.C. §136 et seq.)

analytical & sensory

68º +/- 0.5 or as specified
2.8 – 4.0; varies with crop year
4.0 – 8.0% wt/wt as malic at 68° Brix; varies with crop year
Insoluble Solids:
Less than 1% under proper storage conditions
Dilution Ratio:
5.01 parts water to 1 part concentrate (by volume) gives 14.3 Brix single strength juice meeting NLEA requirements for fruit solids
Typical for plum juice concentrate; good clarity
Typical of plums; free from fermented, metallic or other objectionable flavors or odors

packaging & storing

  • Steel open head drums with two 4 mil poly liners, 52 gallon fill
  • Plastic pails, 5 gallon fill
  • Store at less than 0ºF, shelf life at least 3 years from date of manufacture, in unopened containers
  • Ship via refrigerated vans frozen

each pail / durum is labeled with

  • Lot number
  • Product ID
  • Julian date of production
  • Crop year
  • Brix
  • Essence designator
  • Fill (gallons/net weight)
  • Customer designator


Yeast & Mold
Total Plate Count