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About Taranoosh Company

This complex was started by the managers of the company in 1999 and its main activity in the region of Azerbaijan was established near the European border due to the excellent combination of weather and soil conditions in the production of unique fruits. According to the expectations and needs of the market, since 2012, with the establishment of Taranush Aria Company, it has strengthened its activity in the field of fruit concentrates and purees. The products offered through this company to domestic and foreign markets are mainly divided into five categories:
1) Concentrates (concentrated water) of fruits
2) Types of fruit, vegetable and summer purees
3) Types of aromas (natural essential oils) of fruits and vegetables
4) Types of daisies and fruit fillings
5) Types of fruit essential oils
In line with global growth and development, Taranush Aria Company as the newest and at the same time the most experienced manufacturer and supplier of purees and concentrates of fruits, vegetables and summer vegetables based on the best production of horticultural products by factories equipped with production lines Concentrate and puree were designed and launched. The company tried to take advantage of efficient specialists to produce high quality and purity products to promote community health.
In this regard, it has produced and sold various concentrates, purees, aromas and daisies of fruits, vegetables and summer products with Tara brand, which were welcomed by traders and producers in a short time due to their quality and purity. We know that customers and consumers of these products pay the most attention to the two factors of quality and price. Therefore, having long experiences and records in this industry, we have tried to expand our presence among domestic and foreign factories and companies in the most successful way by observing international standards. Today, Taranush Aria Company, with the supply of more than 50 types of products, has been able to obtain a suitable position among factories as the most comprehensive and complete production company. Taranoosh Aria Company is committed to make every effort to produce and supply the highest quality products. Attention to excellence, innovation, use of staff capabilities and quality management led Tara to be a leader in the concentrate and puree industry.

Our Goals

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