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Use of Fruit Concentrate

For long-term storage and easy transport of fruit juice, it is turned into a concentrate. To produce concentrate, a certain amount of water in the juice is taken from it and it is about 3 to 7 times more concentrated. With this measure, the volume of fruit juice is reduced and its transportation becomes easier and cheaper, and it is usually possible to store it for a longer period of time, as well as to store it at normal temperatures.

Production Process of Concentrate and Puree

In the process of producing concentrate and puree, there is a step called vacuum concentration. In this process, the water in the fruit is evaporated, this vapor is liquefied under the process of condensation, like what happens during rose water. By doing this, the aroma of the fruit is extracted and produced. This aroma, which is also called the natural essence of the fruit, can be added to the concentrate and fruit puree in the last stage of production, or packaged for sale separately.

Uses of Taranoosh Aria products

Juice Production

The numerical value of brix in concentrate determines how much thicker it is than natural juice. For example, concentrate with Brix 65 is about 6 times thicker than pure juice. Therefore, to produce 6 kg of juice from concentrate, 1 kg of concentrate with Brix 65, and 5 kg of water are required. It does not contain sugar and sugar or other sweetener should be used to provide the right sweetness.

Production of Ice cream Coating or Ice cream Core

In order for the concentrate to have a proper consistency during consumption, the use of concentrate in the ice cream industry must be combined with some stabilizers such as pectin and other materials. In fruit ice creams, at least 12% of the fresh fruit or its equivalent must be concentrated. This means that in order to comply with the minimum standard in ice cream, it is enough to add concentrate to the formula of this ice cream. Typically in the ice cream industry, about 8% of fruit concentrate is used in ice cream formula, which is equivalent to using 47% of natural fruit. This amount gives the ice cream a very good taste and quality.

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می توان گفت بریکس درواقع مواد جامد محلول در آبمیوه را مشخص میکند . حال باید خاطرنشان کرد که نوشیدنی آبمیوه طبیعی بدون شکر حدود 11% مواد جامد محلول دارد که میتوان با فرایند تغليظ کردن،  بریکس آن را تا 70 درجه افزایش داد.

در بیشتر اوقات برای کنسانتره میوه در آب میوه ها و سبزیجات، درجه بریکس، مواد جامد محلول و قندها هستند و بریکس به طور تقریبی میزان قند موجود در آن ها را مشخص میکند. برای مثال 20 درجه بریکس معادل 20% قند در محلول است. بریکس یکی از معیارهای تعیین کننده کیفیت و رسیدگی میوه است. با این حال بریکس به تنهایی برای تعیین کیفیت و رسیدگی میوه استفاده نمیشود و بیشترین کاربرد آن در فرآیندهای ساخت و تولید مواد غذایی است.

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